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Alamo PMI May 2020 Monthly Meeting


**Ticket fees will be donated to San Antonio Food Bank

Networking 6:30-6:55pm

Meeting starts at 7:00pm

Whether your role is a project manager, team member, senior leader, scrum master, or any other leadership position, everyone experiences adversity. Adversity is part of life. It’s part of business. It’s part of projects.

Adversity should always be an expected companion on our journey to success. It is one of our best teachers, the original life coach nudging us toward growth. What we learn from adversity (when we learn from it) can mold us into great people, leaders, and creators.


Adversity propels our growth, breeds our creativity, changes our focus, forces us into decisiveness, exposes our weaknesses and opens leadership opportunities to us. Have you recognized some of these boons of adversity in your own life? Do you find the lesson, (the learned experience turned wisdom), that propels you forward? We are all currently facing adversity together, but are we discovering the individual lessons it is teaching us? Are we coachable enough to find the message or opportunity in disguise?

Speaker Bio:

Leticia Peevy is a project manager specialist with over 22 years’ experience in the financial services IT realm leading development, implementation, upgrade, and conversion projects. Her experience spans core applications, as well as front-end systems and middle-tier platforms. She earned a BSE in Business from the University of Central Arkansas and has been PMP certified for 8 years. Mrs. Peevy also enjoys creating and conducting leadership training and providing consulting on project management tools and processes.


Leticia’s passion lies in leadership and personal excellence training, public speaking, coaching and mentoring. She co-founded Connective Journey, which hosts retreats and monthly meetups focused on uplifting and empowering others. Leticia is a John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer, and coach. Mrs. Peevy is a wife of 24 years, has 4 children and lives in San Antonio, TX. www.leticiapeevy.com




This informative and challenging session will task you to examine adversity and extract the gifts it holds for you, to move you from the defensive to the offensive, from the victim to the victor. Adversity will always accompany you on your journey; let’s learn how to befriend it, squeeze all the goodness out of it we can, and shrink it down from the big scary unknown to the recognizable beneficial life lessons we need to grow us. Come ready to dig deep and call adversity out for what it is, our steadfast, devoted, personal life coach.

It is no longer possible to register for this event

It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of activity: Monthly Chapter Meeting

Date: May 27th, 2020

Hour: 6:30PM to 8:15PM

Nbr of PDUs: 1.0


Members: $5.00

Non members: $10.00

Students: $5.00


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