Are you interested in having an exciting and rewarding experience by giving back to our community?

The Outreach team is very excited about providing you with opportunities to give back to students, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

You have a chance to personally provide outreach share information about:

  • Project Management Profession
  • PMI Certifications
  • PMI Alamo Chapter Membership
  • Technical Project Management Knowledge

Below are descriptions of the stakeholder groups we are reaching out to and our leadership team points of contact to help you get involved:

PMI Alamo Chapter Outreach Stakeholder Groups

Corporations and Professional Associations

Businesses and professional associations representing industries that align with the project management profession (e.g., construction, engineering, consulting, healthcare, information technology, military, etc.)

Contact: Director, Corporate and Professional Association Outreach, Ian Wilkinson, PMP, dircorporateprofessional@alamopmi.org 

Community Organizations

Non-profit organizations that would benefit from the association with the project management profession. 

Contact: Director, Community Outreach, Rodger Martin, diroutreach-community@alamopmi.org

Universities and Colleges

Academic institutions that provide project management degrees at the associate’s, bachelor’s, post-graduate, doctoral levels, project management courses.

Contact: Director, University and College Outreach, Arsene Boundaone, dirUniversityCollege@alamopmi.org

Military Outreach

Contact: Director, Military Outreach, Curtis Brown, militaryaffairs@alamopmi.org

If you have any general questions about volunteering to get involved in the chapter’s outreach efforts, please feel free to contact Valentina Rada, MBA, PMP, VP Outreach at outreach@alamopmi.org or mobile 469-418-0681.