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Alamo PMI April 2021 Monthly Meeting

Strategic Business Management skills

Exploring Futures in a Disrupted World by Dr Jose Lugo-Santiago, ASQ CMQ/OE, PMP, CLSSMBB

Presentation Description

The question is no longer, “How can we be more effective and efficient?” The question now is, “How can we remain relevant in a world that has changed and will change even more?”

The truth is the current and on-going environmental, social, political, and economical situation has closed some futures but has opened others. We see divergent and convergent futures.

Dr. LugoSantiago, Chief Futurist at the Institute of Leadership & Strategic Foresight, will be “workshoping” the future through the exploration of Converging & Divergent Futures.

The discussion and tools will illuminate your future by helping you see what’s emerging, what’s driving change, how you can do risk assessments, and co-create alliances to seize opportunity in a future marked with uncertainty.

Presentation Objectives

Strategic & Business Management: Understand and spot waves of change at the fringes 

Leadership: Grow a leadership strategy based on foresight to seize opportunity

Technical: Conceptually learn two tools to support future ideation




Dr. LugoSantiago is an executive leader, strategy expert, proud U.S. Air Force Veteran, speaker, and three-time published author with +20 years of extensive knowledge and experience in Strategy, Project and Change Management, Organizational Development, and Business Process Re-engineering.

As Chief Futurist for the Institute for Leadership and Strategic Foresight he has done extensive research in the area of the future of cities with an international publisher publishing his ground-breaking research in 2020 in a book titled, Leadership and Strategic Foresight in Smart Cities: A Futures Thinking Model. His research consolidates and classifies cities into seven paths (one of them the smart city), our plausible futures, and introduces leaders to nine strategic foresight practices.


Doctor of Strategic Leadership (research and focus on Strategic Foresight) | Regent University


Certified Manager of Quality & Organizational Excellence (ASQ CMQ/OE), American Society for Quality

Certified Lean & Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CLSSMBB), Villanova University

Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute


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LugoSantiago, J. A. (2014; 2016). On the Leadership Journey: 30 Conversations about Leading Yourself & Others. Air University Press, Air Force Research Institute: Maxwell AFB, AL.


6:30-7:00pm - Networking

7:00-8:00pm - Speaker Presentation

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Register to this event


Type of category: Monthly Chapter Meeting

Type of activity: Strategic Business Management skills

Start Date: April 28th, 2021

Hours/Session (CST): 6:30PM to 8:00PM

Early bird deadline:: 26 April 2021 to 12:00PM



Early bird member: $5.00

Early bird non member: $10.00

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Students: $5.00