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Why Hybrid Agile is Neither Hybrid, Nor Agile

One variation of the different hybrid approaches is so-called “hybrid agile.” It’s a dangerous approach that threatens to deliver the worst of both worlds.

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What's Your Point of View?

Your POV helps people understand you and how you think. It highlights your leadership knowledge and skills. If someone asked you about your project management ...

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Become a 'Double Threat' PM: A Hybrid Career Strategy

We spend many (perhaps too many) of our waking lives at work, so it makes sense to make the most of it. To immunize yourself from layoff and missed opportuniti...

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Hybrid Knowledge: Expansion and Contraction

Learning about project management—how to work effectively with people, and our industry domain—is never complete. We then use this knowledge to choose the best...

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Intelligent Deviation

There’s a very interesting thing that happens when organizations get to the point where they have a formal process to do something: They expect everyone to fol...

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